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SmartCity Bin software

Binology SmartCity Management is a software platform that is an essential part of the overall Binology solution for smart cities. It's a designated service which allows remote and real-time monitoring of all installed SmartCity Bins and their parameters, carry on waste collection analytics, manage staff and vehicles.

Under control of operator and driver

Operator in real-time can monitor all readings of installed SmartCity Bins like location, bin type, fill level, battery capacity left etc. Monitoring happens online via Binology SmartCity Management web interface. Each waste truck driver uses a tablet or a phone to get tasked with bins to pick up. To make the task easier application automatically builds an optimal pick-up route taking into account traffic jams. Driver reports each bin picked up via the app. Operator supervises and controls the work done by leveraging route data collected and can get various reports based on data present in the system.